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Adam Groom

Digital Experience Designer


My name is Adam Groom, and I am a designer that is passionate about creating digital products that connect with humans to make their lives easier and more meaningful. I put the user in the center of the design process while also balancing business goals. I value minimalism, honest feedback, strong opinions that are loosely held, diverse culture, and deep team collaboration.


For sixteen years I have lived at the intersections of concept, user testing, wireframing, prototyping, development, shipping, and iteration. I am also highly experienced in design systems and implementations that help teams build even faster with more consistently.

In addition to these technical experiences, I have worked as a design leader for eight years. My leadership experiences range from hiring and building teams, to building a design practice from the ground up, as well as creating processes and workflow within and exterior to the design practice. In that work, I have united design, product, and engineering together.


  1. Do Good

    Work accounts for the majority of our time here. Let’s build things right, for good purposes, treating people nicely along our journey together.

  2. Lead Softly

    Show others what is possible by serving them. Help them to do the same.

  3. People Over Process

    Humans interacting with one another is more important than reducing communication with one another.

  4. Create, then Elaborate

    Provide solid examples of your idea for others to experience. Avoid explanations that can confuse.

  5. Listen and Learn

    Progression can only happen when we listen to one another to understand first.


UX Team Lead

Ascension - Current - 100% Remote

  • Built and led the organization’s first user experience team.
  • Managed the user research and redesign of several internal products.
  • Designed wireframes, prototypes, and visual design across the entire product lifecycle.
  • Collaborated closely with designers, business architects, engineering and leadership.
  • Presented executive level design concepts for project buy-in.
  • Created a user-centered design process and workflow across the enterprise.
  • Managed team projects and relationships with contractors and outside agencies.


  • Directed and assisted in creating the company's first design system.
  • Led the research, design and launch of the national provisioning web application.

Principal UX Designer

NextGen Healthcare - 2017 - 100% Remote

  • Principal and manage a team consisting of over ten designers, researchers and production artists.
  • Evangelized user centered design practices and values across the corporation.
  • Managed workload of concepts, features, and triage between product, engineering and design.
  • Worked to translate product and overall strategy, insight (from customers, developers, partners, and users), analytics and executive direction into successful design direction, frameworks, prototypes and product features
  • Created successful processes across hiring, on-boarding, design collaboration and creation resulting in team efficiency and communication


  • On-boarding process became standardized across the organization.
  • Successfully implemented a Kanban workflow within the entire design team.
  • Overhauled and redesigned UX team Confluence space.
  • Directed and assisted in the company's first design language.

Sr. UX Designer, UX Design Manager

Tenable Network Security - 2016 - 100% Remote

  • Led a team of five that included UX Designers, Researcher, and Analyst roles.
  • Designed and integrated workflows and processes within and outside of the UX department.
  • Managed workload of concepts, features and triage between product, engineering and design.
  • Conducted weekly design collaboration reviews and presentations from the design team.
  • Presented executive level design concepts.
  • Created the vision for a user-centric company culture.


  • Promoted to the UX Design Manager position and created the vision for a user-centric culture.
  • Successfully built and led a team of five that included designers, research and analyst roles.
  • Jump-started the first research and usability testing processes resulting in a user and data informed design methodology.
  • Increased team efficiency by integrating agile-like processes and workflows.

UI/UX Designer & Front-End Designer

Bitovi - 2014-2016 - 100% Remote

  • Led and worked within client teams to conceptualize and design modern, single-page applications.
  • Created wireframes and interactive prototypes.
  • Conducted user testing and feedback sessions. 
  • Designed hi-fidelity comps for internal websites products.
  • Developed HTML/CSS/JS in the stack with developers.
  • Engineer CSS architecture and builds.
  • Designed and built Style Guides for clients.
  • Contributed to internal open-source projects.


  • Directed design at Apple of “Nemo” the content management system behind all website properties. Resulting in an improved experience and increased workflow for the content teams.
  • Design leader at Apple of “Scout” the analytics application for the wireless diagnostic division. Improved teams ability to investigate and narrow down issues faster and more efficiently.
  • Helped to win Levi’s as a new client through proof of concept and stakeholder presentations. Led Levi’s design team on the overhaul of the existing cart and checkout systems into responsive single page application.

UI/UX Designer & Front-End Designer

Sierra Trading Post - 2012-2014

  • Created wireframes and fun whiteboard sessions.
  • Designed complex, interactive prototypes.
  • Designed hi-fidelity comps based from prototypes.
  • Designed and maintained icon library.
  • Developed HTML/CSS/JS directly in the stack with development team.
  • Served as the bridge between engineering and design.


  • Redesigned the web and mobile app versions of the product. Resulted in an increase of revenue, user satisfaction and brand consistency.
  • Created the company’s first style guide and design system allowing engineers to build prototypes and features faster than ever before.
  • Overhaul and converted website from static CSS to LESS. Helped engineer the LESS architecture, build, and deployment. Resulted in clean and organized styles that were scalable and easy to maintain.

Founder, Designer

Atom Groom Design - 2001-2012 - 100% Remote

  • Responsible for all aspects of running the business.
  • Managed client relationships.
  • Hired and worked with contracted designers and developers.
  • Designed corporate logos and other print materials.
  • Designed hi-fidelity comps for websites and apps.


  • Built a business of over thirty full-time clients which allowed me to become successfully self-employed.
  • Voted Best Web Design Company in Northwest Indiana, 2011.

UI/UX Designer & Front-End Designer

Manufacturer’s Products, Inc. - 2008-2012

  • Designed hi-fidelity comps based from prototypes.
  • Developed HTML/CSS/JS directly in the stack with development team.
  • Managed the out-sourced team of web developers.
  • Collaborated with customer service team to create more meaningful user experience.


  • Designed and built a custom e-commerce web application from the ground up, bringing the company online for the first time and increasing revenue dramatically.

Web Development Manager

Madhaus Studio, LLC - 2008

  • Responsible for design, front end programming and testing of all web sites from the ground up.
  • Created search engine optimized web sites and micro sites.
  • Consulted with clients on re-programming their sites to be SEO friendly and implementing the process.
  • Worked with a team of graphic designers to create compelling web site user interfaces to take into the build out phase.


  • Coded the entire front end of the 2008 Centier Bank website
  • Re-Designed and Re-Coded the White Lodging website
  • Developed a web design process increase production stability and flow. Promoted from
  • Promoted from Senior Web Designer to Web Development Manager

Sr. Web Designer

Livemercial, Inc. - 2007

  • Responsible for designing and programming compliant websites from the ground up.
  • Worked directly with client and internal project managers to meet tight deadlines.
  • Designed and created flash animations, flash banners and e-mail creative.
  • Worked directly with creative director for all of Livemercial branding including website, print collateral, and promotional materials.
  • Helped to manage a creative team of 13 in both the Indiana and Florida offices which includes designers, web developers, video editors, and copywriters.


  • Developed several internal web application interfaces (Graphics, HTML, CSS)
  • Re-Design, Front End programming and Launch of several large client websites including:Eastman Kodak, Spacebag, As Seen on TV Network, and many more.
  • Worked with team of programmers and developers to create the new “VCC5” System.

Art Director

Bad Boyz Toyz, Shocktech, Badlandz, Krush Skatepark - 2004-2007

  • Art directed brand identity, major industry magazine advertisements, in-store signage, p.o.p signage, large format signs, banners, brochures, price guides, flyers, clothing graphics, and skateboard deck graphics.
  • Designed and maintained over ten major websites.
  • Worked with photographer on product photo shoots.
  • In charge of in-house T-shirt printing press including: managing employees, printing color separations, quality control and required excellent knowledge of the T-Shirt printing production process.


  • Re-design of an e-commerce website from the ground up, encompassing everything from creating the website interface, HTML, CSS, Javascript programming and implementation of the e-commerce database.

Graphic & Web Designer

Squad Company / ImageSure - 2003-2004

  • Created design for retail environments.
  • Design including major monthly promotions consisting of all types of in-store point of purchase graphics; ceiling danglers, floor graphics, free standing signage, end cap promotions, gas pump advertisements, light pole signs, large billboards, window signs, menu panels and weekly magazine inserts.
  • Managed company website from start to finish.


  • My concept was picked for the Conoco Phillips national re-imaging program. This concept consisted of creating an entire new look to every Conoco Phillips gas station in the United States. Graphics were produced for all of the insides and outsides of each gas station.

Short Term Positions

Director of Design and User Experience

iCitizen - February 2015 - May 2015

Director of Web Development

Fracture - February 2014 - May 2014